Aim for safety - follow these steps

Date Posted:1 July 2017 

Follow these steps to be a safe archer:

  • Use safety gear like an armguard and shooting glove or finger tab.
  • Shoot in a safe environment. A dedicated archery range is a good option. Your target should stop the arrows without letting the arrows pass through or ricochet.
  • If you're shooting at home, be aware of your surroundings and make certain that a misfired arrow will not cuase damage or hurt someone.
  • Inspect each arrow before shooting. Make sure the point is secure and that there is no damage to the shaft or nock.
  • Do not draw and release a bow without an arrow (dry fire). Not only will this damage the bow but it can also lead to injury to the archer.
  • When shooting with your friends, stand a safe distance behind the shooting line while awaiting your turn and let everyone finish shooting before retrieving your arrows.

Arrow safety

Arrow shafts can become damaged from impact with various objects. Damaged arrows are at risk of breaking upon release and producing shattered pieces that may injure the archer or bystanders. Carefully inspect the arrow point, shaft, nock, and other components for damage (cracks, dents, splits, etc) before each shot by flexing the arrow in a gradual arc.

Never shoot a damaged arrow.

Nver use an arrow with a bow the exceeds the draw weight printed on the arrow.