Cartel-Doosung/Midas X-Pert 66" 20lb Recurve Bow

Date Posted:26 February 2018 

Just listed on the Hoddywell online store is the Cartel-Doosung X-Pert Recurve Bow featuring Midas Infinity NX 100 Limbs which feature International Fitting Limb technology (IFL). Whether you have Cartel, Midas, Win & Win, Hoyt or Samick limbs with the IFL feature, they will all fit onto the riser (handle).

This bow can be used for recreational target archery with the capability of going to competitive level archery. The riser features all industry standard fittings for arrow rests, plunger buttons, stabilizers and sights.

More info about the bow:

Riser Specs:

  • Accepts International Fitting Limbs
  • High-strength alloy riser.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Anti-slip grip.
  • Industry standard fittings for sights, plunger buttons, arrow rests & stabilizers.
  • Right Hand.

Limb Specs:

  • International Fitting
  • Midas/Cartel-Doosung Infinity NX 100 Limbs. You won't find these high grade limbs on a bow at this price anywhere else!
  • The limb tip sections are reinforced for added strength.
  • Made from high quality fibreglass and hard maple wood.
  • Stylish design.
  • Poundage: 20lb

Extras Included:

  • Dacron bowstring
  • FREE Bowstringer tool - used to string and un-string the bow safely
  • Nocking point
  • Arrow rest

Just $280.00, ready to shoot!