Cartel Klaus Longbows for just $179

Date Posted:19 April 2019 

Shipments of Cartel Klaus Longbows have arrived and are proving to be hot sellers.

Well regarded for its quality, dependability, smooth draw cycle and top performance, the Klaus flat-style longbow is a must have for any traditional archer.


  • Brace Height: 8"
  • AMO length: 68"
  • Poundages available: 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb
  • RH and LH in stock


  • Leather Hand Grip (Colour may vary from picture)
  • The handcrafted tips are multi-layered hard maple and ash wood with clear fibreglass finish.
  • Limbs are of wood laminations and clear fibreglass and reinforced limb tip overlays.
  • Constructed from Hard Maple and Rose Wood comes with a high quality leather hand grip.


FREE Bowstringer tool and nocking point installed