Cartel Target Backstops are now available

Date Posted:4 February 2018 

Looking for a cost effective yet durable target backstop? Then have a look at the Cartel Target Backstop.

The 60x60x5cm target backstop by Cartel-Doosung Archery is ideal for recreational, field and target archery and is rated for bows up to 50lb.

It's made from strong woven fibres from rice grass and stitched together from stylish blue polymer material.

This target backstop is best described as heavy duty and it's only $99.00. Very good value when you consider other brand name targets of a similar size cost over $160.

The Cartel Target Backstop can take thousands of shots and lasts much longer than cheap targets that can be bought from eBay. A cheap eBay target may look appealing due to it's cheap price but they often completley perish at less than 1000 shots and struggle to withstand shots from bows that are only 40lbs. Make the safe call and purchase the Cartel Target Backstop - a strong, heavy duty target made from a company with over 30 years of experience in the archery industry and is internationally recognised.

Check it out now