Hoddywell Archery celebrates 40 years in business

Date Posted:8 March 2018 

2018 marks Hoddywell’s 40th year in business. There have been many changes throughout the years in both Hoddywell and the archery industry.

Hoddywell Archery Park was co-founded in 1978 by Ernie Kaltenbrunner as a concept where any member of the public could have a go at Archery without having to join up to a club or archery association. The concept proved popular with many flocking to the public archery park to have a hitting bullseyes. The business grew rapidly and a caravan park was added as archery was proving very popular to campers and caravaners. The archery store was expanded as well into a purpose made building built with the iconic Jarrah wood beam front and interior.

Today, Hoddywell Archery still provides great entertainment for both young and old in a fun, welcoming and no-pressure environment. Hoddywell Archery is also the largest archery retailer in WA as well as one of the largest in the entire country.

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