Introducing our new logo

Date Posted:1 January 2022 

2022 marks a new chapter in Hoddywell Archery, with our new logo and brand theme colours!

Out is the old maroon colour that Hoddywell Archery has had in some form or capacity since 1978 and in with the new golden orange and forest green colours.

The meaning behind the new logo:

1. The circle background represents a target's bullsyeye with the word HODDYWELL being on target in terms of customer satisfaction.

2. The forward facing arrow going through the word HODDYWELL means that Hoddywell Archery is a company that is growing and moving forward.

3. Est. 1978 is the year in which Hoddywell Archery was established, 44 years ago (not many Australian archery stores can say that they have been in business for over 4 decades!)

4. The word Australia is proudly displayed on our logo as Hoddywell Archery is a proud Australian owned business.

5. The four 7 pointed Commonwealth Stars in each corner of the logo represents that Hoddywell Archery supplies quality archery equipment to all corners of Australia.


We will be rolling out the new logo across our websites and social media pages in the next coming days.