More Cartel Archery shipments have arrived

Date Posted:5 August 2020 

It's been very busy at Hoddywell Archery over the past few days with the arrival of a number of shipments from Cartel-Doosung. Included in the shipments include the very popular EPIC Take-Down recurve bows as well as various Cartel archery accessories and tools.

Browse our range of Cartel-Doosung gear here:

A lot of people have been asking as to whether we will be brining in gear from other brands, the answer is yes, but this will take some time due to shipment and freight delays due to COVID-19. We are focusing on getting in gear that will arrive to us within a reasonable timeframe at the moment. If there is a product that you're interested in but it's out of stock on our website please email or call us for updates as to when we can bring it back in.