Remember to wax your bowstrings!

Date Posted:12 June 2017 

A bowstring is a very important element to any bow, without it the bow is useless. So keeping your bowstring (and compound bow string cables) in good condition is a must for any archer. The best way to take care of your bowstring is to wax it.

How often you should wax your strings depends on how many shots to do with the bow, weather condition and terrain. Inspect bow strings regularly, if you notice that the string appears hairy and feels dry, then wax the affected areas. A string that has been waxed feels slightly sticky and if it is a dark colour you will notice that it has a shiny look to it.

Only use String Wax to wax strings, don't use bees wax, candle wax or even surfboard wax.

Many companies make their own string wax. Hoddywell stocks string wax from brands including Bohning, BCY and 3006 Outdoors. You can see our range of string wax here.

Each bowstring wax company, and people have different opinions as to how many times you should wax your bowstring. We say play it safe and wax your strings every 100 shots. There is no need to wax the strings everytime you start and finish shooting as this is just wasting string wax.

For compound archers, remember to wax your string cables as well.