Samick Sages are running low, another shipment due soon

Date Posted:23 November 2016 

Important info for people wanting to buy Samick Sages from Hoddywell Archery Supplies.

We are currently running very low on Samick Sages. We currently have 50 & 55lbs in LH in stock. However we are expecting another shipment from Samick very soon which will replenish most poundages and the RH selection.

Keep a keen eye out on our Blog for news when the Samick shipment arrives.

For people wanting to pre-order, please contact us on 08 9574 2410 or by email at

The Sage is on sale at $239.00 now $229.00 and comes with an arrow rest, nocking point (installed on string) & FREE bow stringer - used to safely string & unstring the bow.