Cartel Epic Hawk Take-Down Recurve Bow

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Move over Samick Sage, the Cartel EPIC Hawk is the now recurve bow that is the most bang for your buck!

One of the most versatile take-down recurve bows on the market. The Epic Hawk is the perfect platform for any aspect of archery, whether it be target shooting, recreational archery, small or big game hunting, and even bowfishing!

  • Made by EPIC Archery - part of Cartel-Doosung.
  • Made in South Korea .
  • Take-down recurve bow.
  • Made from a combination of laminated diamond wood, hard maple and black fibreglass finish.
  • Clean new limb design pocket.
  • Re-designed enhanced limb tips.
  • Rich & vibrant riser colouring.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Features crowned arrow shelf for abbreviated clearance and sight, plunger and stabilizer brass bushings installed.
  • Smooth draw.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Solid, light weight & nimble.
  • Bow Length: 62"
  • Recommended brace height is 7 1/2" - 8 1/2".
  • Available in RH or LH in store at online price.
  • Fast Flight compatible.
  • Bowstringer NOT included. Must be used to safely string & unstring the bow. (Instructions included)
  • Arrow rest and nocking point included. (Not installed)
  • Please note: Bow comes with Allen Key limb bolts. Picture for illustration purposes only.
  • Please note:Left hand risers may vary in colour and laminations.


SKU 14075
Brand Cartel-Doosung
Shipping Weight 1.8000kg

Great Service.

By: on 19 November 2021
I recently purchased the Cartel Epic Hawk take down recurve bow. It arrived within a week due to Xmas and parcel backup at the airports. When I opened the parcel I found the bow in perfect condition. Itune the bow ready for shooting. My bow was a forty pounder. I am quite used to that draw weight. It perform very well. The bow was finished to a high standard. As for the supplier, they fulfilled my orders with prompt service. The packages were packed very well and arrived as such. I have put two more orders since receiving my bow. They are a good business with great service. Thank you D Probyn.

Great smooth feel

By: on 13 March 2021
So, I'm still new to archery. I did shoot a youth Bear compound many decades ago hunting around the Snowies. I chose this bow based on research and its clone of the Southwest Spyder (ie Sage MkII). Finish is quite good but not perfect, much better feel than the club Sage I was using. It's more rounded / less blocky, and slender and lighter than a Sage. The draw was smooth right up to 30.5" where it began to stack. It's not quiet but not loud either and no vibration. With some practice I was grouping 1 inch at 10 yards and 4 inches at 30 yards (30# limbs/500 spine). At 30 it was simply point and shoot and elevation was perfect. First shot at 30 I overcompensated height and drove the nail 2 inches into the wooden frame - took some getting out. I'm really pleased with my purchase and Hoddywell helped with arrow selection.

Two thumbs up : )

By: on 9 November 2019
I got the 40 lb size, and it can sure sink an arrow deep into a target! The Cartel Epic Hawk is great value for money and very accurate in shots. Match this bow with some good quality carbon arrows, and you’ll be very satisfied. Just don’t forget to adjust the bowstring to the correct brace height before shooting.

Cartel Epic Hawk Take-Down Recurve Bow

By: on 22 November 2018
I bought a 40 pound bow and I'm really happy with it. I started at a brace hight of 8 1/4 inches. After a couple of weeks due to my strength and draw length increasing the string noise got louder from slapping the limb a bit. I re-tuned the brace hight just a touch above 7 1/2 inches. It shoots true and very quietly using 500 spline Fleetwood arrows which I purchased at the same time. Added some beaver balls for some extra noise dampening (and they look cool on this bow). I would recommend this bow to anybody.

Incredible Value

By: on 15 May 2018
I was very hesitant in purchasing this bow as I was really keen on the Samick, however, when Hoddywell had a special offer in this item, I pulled the trigger and purchased one. I have now been using this bow for several weeks and am absolutely amazed at its performance per dollar spent. It is built beautifully with great quality control, the ergonomics are just perfect. Usability is way above its price range, this performs exceptionally for a sub $200 bow. It is super quite and balanced and the accuracy is spot on...a really nicely balanced bow indeed. I cannot speak highly enough of this bow, I would highly recommend it to a beginner as well as an advanced archer...incredible value for money 5 STARS in my book!

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