Have Father's Day at Hoddywell Archery Park

Date Posted:27 August 2019 

Have Father's Day at Hoddywell Archery Park, just an hour from Perth city.

We offer 3 public archery courses each designed for different skill sets. If you're a beginner or experienced archer we have a course for you.

Hire Prices  – includes range fee, equipment & instruction

9 Target Beginners Trail                     $20.00 per person / round

15 Target Intermediate Trail               $24.90 per person / round

18 Target Advanced Trail                    $27.90 per person / round

90m Target Lane                                  $27.00 per person / hour

Fees are with a RECURVE BOW and includes all shooting and safety instructions.

To hire a COMPOUND BOW will cost an extra $5.00. Compound Bows are not permitted on the Beginner’s Trail.

Groups over 10 people, please book. 08 95742410

Shooting with own equipment

15 Target Intermediate Trail                 $23.90 per person / round

18 Target Advanced Trail                       $26.90 per person / round

90m Target Lane                                     $25.00 per person / hour

Half Day – 4 hours                                   $48.50 per person

All Day – 9.30am to 5pm                      $60.50 per person

Note: Maximum bow draw weight for Beginners Trail is 20 lb. Intermediate Trail is 50lb. Advanced 60lb. Target Lane is 70lb.

Last bows out at 4pm. All shooting stops at 5pm.


For more information please visit www.hoddywellarchery.com.au or call us on 9574 2410.