Making Archery in WA enjoyable

Date Posted:4 February 2019 

We at Hoddywell Archery believe that archery should be a fun sport for all regardless of age, gender or skill level. Hoddywell Public Archery Park located in Toodyay which is a pleasent and scenic hourly drive from Perth city offers people to change to have a go with a bow in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. Unlike archery venues in Perth we don't require you to join any kind of membership beforehand, as a Public Archery Park we're open to the public.

Hoddywell Public Archery Park features 3 archery trails to go on. Each designed for various skill levels.

Hire Prices  – includes range fee, equipment & instruction

9 Target Beginners Trail                     $20.00 per person / round

15 Target Intermediate Trail               $24.90 per person / round

18 Target Advanced Trail                    $27.90 per person / round

90m Target Lane                                  $27.00 per person / hour

Fees are with a RECURVE BOW and includes all shooting and safety instructions.

To hire a COMPOUND BOW will cost an extra $5.00. Compound Bows are not permitted on the Beginner’s Trail.

Groups over 10 people, please book. 08 95742410