Peter gets a call from Hamish and Andy!

Date Posted:31 August 2015 

One of our sales assistants Peter Kaltenbrunner received a rather interesting call a few days ago from a person saying that they were a representative from a newly established public archery park. Peter was rather astounded that a new public archery park could be built and us not knowing about it. However after a few minutes talking back and forth Peter figured out who he was talking to, it was Hamish Blake!

It turned out that this phone call to us was part of a segment for their radio show where they call businesses and organizations that say that they are ‘Australia’s only……’. So for us we are Australia’s only full-sized dedicated public archery park (this is a fact!) and Hamish was calling to pretend to be from a new public archery park and that we should take down our ‘Australia’s only’ advertising.

It’s very funny to listen to however Peter managed to outsmart Hamish in the end. Have a listen in the podcast section of the Hamish and Andy website.